The Shining

I got the results of my latest MRI scan a couple of weeks ago. I followed a short period of worry about what they may, or may not, reveal. When they finally arrived in my medical file, we could read a load of technical details about uptake of contrast agents and a few other things and the conclusion that there were no new signs of cancer cells in my brain and that the region around the operation area was essentially unchanged.

Naturally this leads me to ask the question: “Does essentially unchanged mean yes there are some indications of change but too small to define? The answer is of course a definite maybe, or as seen in “The vicar of Dibley”

After a brief discussion we decided that a PET scan was in order. I went to the PET centre on Friday and was injected with a very small amount radioactively labelled methionine and then had some pictures taken with a very fancy and expensive camera, equipped with a cheap and nasty waste-paper bin.

After the scan, I avoided people, especially children and  on the expectant mothers, as I was in a radiative state = Shining.

Our very own PET Caesar

So now, a few days later, I am patiently awaiting these results.  Hopefully there will be nothing to worry about, and we can get into the Christmas spirit (both metaphorically and literally). Christmas cake and puddings have been made and are happily marinating in the pantry.

More to follow.

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