The agonising wait for the results of the PET scan is over and the results were good news. The scan showed an absence of areas with uptake of the radioactive marker, which means that there is no tumour activity present in my brain tissue (there was no feedback as to the presence of other activity!). The next MRI will be in three months, but in the meantime, everything looks good, allowing us to celebrate with a glass of bubbly and to enjoy the rapidly approaching festive season.

We restarted the Optune (see: Make it work, treatment, but this is causing a great deal of discomfort in the form of an itchy rash and extensive areas of blisters. Assuming that the benefit from this treatment approaches the expected limit through a monomolecular or exponential function, most of it will have already been gained. We have therefore, after weighing the discomfort experienced against limited increase in benefit, decided to take an extended break from the Optune treatment. The positive result of this decision is that I can let my hair grow again. How much is a question for the future.

Should I go for Chris 1976?

Passport photo 1976

Mohican Chris?

or, perhaps be a bit more adventurous, Like Martyn Poliakoff, Professor of Green Chemistry, Nottingham?

Cast your vote in the comments section.

On the subject of hair, I am reminded of the first time that I performed in public, which was in 1975. With my brother, David, on cornet, a friend, Philip Ostle on drums and me on clarinet, we played “Aquarius” and “Good morning starshine” from the musical “Hair” to rapturous applauds. Most of the public were related to us, so they were not impartial. A more critical audience may have been a bit less generous.

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