I live together with my wife, Bitte, and son, Henrik, in Gamla Uppsala, Sweden. My daughter, Siri, lives in Uppsala together with her husband, Jonas, and their son, Felix – my grandson.

Life has always had its’ ups and downs which I hope to highlight in this blog.

Christopher Folkeson Welch

I prefer to be called Chris.

This is the second time that I have started a blog. The first was in 2010 when I was on at Camp Mallorca on a cycle training trip. I think that I kept the blog running for the duration of the trip and a few weeks more before I ran out of steam. Hopefully things will be a bit better this time.

It is my intention to include updates on my own current state of affairs and to include some annecdotes from the past. Should I lapse into silence please send a message through the comments section to get me up and running again.

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  1. We will be thinking about you tomorrow Chris sending all our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love and hugs from all the Morris family xxx

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  2. I suppose there’s nothing like being treated for glioblastoma during the middle of a pandemic. Should you decide to become a globetrotter after your next course of treatment, you (and whichever family members you bring) are welcome once we figure out how to safely host you. We are about 70 km from San Francisco. In the meantime, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good attitude; it can make a difference in how you feel!


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