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Something at the back of my mind

As we go through our daily life, some things tend to get forgotten or neglected. Quite often these things are more important than the trivia that we tend to. Now and then we get reminders that we have to get back to things that really matter. I have just had one such reminder about things in the back of my mind that I need to tend to – it came from a thing in the back of my head!

About two weeks ago I experienced some problems with my vision and then later started behaving in an unresponsive way to the people around me. Bitte and Henrik quickly realised that something was seriously awry and sent me off to the emergency department at Uppsala university hospital. After a series of samples and tests I was diagnosed with a suspected small brain tumour (please note that small refers to the size of the tumour and not the brain) at the back of my head. The only reasonable course of action is to remove the tumour and follow up with a combination of radiation- and chemotherapy.

The size and position are fortunately favourable for removal of the tumour by surgery. This is booked for Monday October 12. Bitte will update this site, in Swedish, with details of my progress after the surgery up untill I am up and running again.

To be honest, this scares me a great deal, but I have so many people around offering their support, and the staff at the hospital are the best.

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