Winter is here: BBQ-season!

I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but forgot to press the publish butto. Sorry.

More to come soon.

Christmas came and went, but Autumn remained with damp weather and darkness. At the same time my radiation therapy, with daily visits to the hospital, was completed. I was looking forwards to six weeks of rest and recovery, but instead I got very tired and had a few episodes of nausea, which resulted in spending an evening/night at the emergency department. Things have, fortunately, gone back to normal again, with me being a lot more energised. The latest MR scan showed no traces of tumour cells, which is very positive.

We now have full-scale Winter in Uppsala, with a generous sprinkling of snow and temperatures in-excess of 10 degrees (C) below freezing. The other day, we tried our cross-country skis out on the local football pitch. That went quite well so we have been for a couple of longer sessions on one of the local golf courses. Our plan is to take part in a ski-event in late February with 30 km as our goal.

As it was so cold we decided that a barbeque would be a good dinner choice. It was very successful.

Published by Topherwelch

Just an ordinary guy trying to live an ordinary life. I do ordinary things like run, cycle and ski. I swim if I have to. I enjoy all sorts of music and like to play some too. I enjoy good food - maybe too much - and a glass or two.

5 thoughts on “Winter is here: BBQ-season!

  1. Great to hear from you and that you are progressing well 😊 take care on the skis. Do you wear a helmet?? Best wishes from us all in Bermo. M&J


  2. Thanks for publishing. Winter is a great time to barbecue in cold country. Of course, we do the same here, next to wine country and pair it with a robust red from Lake County.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying winter. Be safe and well, and I hope your good days continue to be plentiful.


  3. Underbar lÀsning! Vi har till och med snö pÄ Asperö och fina havsisar mellan Asperö och Brönnö. SÄ kul. Det var nÀstan 10 Är sedan sist.


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