Seeing the name TT Fields brings to mind a number of literary greats, such as TS Eliot, JC Oates etcetera. However, TTfields stands for Tumour Treatment Fields, which is the name given to the treatment strategy that I am currently subjected to.

The method disturbs cell division in cancer cells by preventing the organisation of DNA with oscillating electromagnetic fields. [A more detailed explanation is available, but I think that it would serve no purpose at the moment.] According to a number of reports and the conclusions of an FDA-roundtable the method improves survivability for patients in my predicament. As mentioned in earlier posts, I already have a number of factors which may give me a more favourable outcome. Hopefully this treatment will improve my prospects even more.

For the treatment, I have to wear a set of electrodes over my head. The electrodes are connected to a battery which generates the oscillating fields. The system has to be in use as much as possible for as long as possible – we are looking at a treatment period of about two years. During this time the electrodes have to be changed every two to three days, full head shaving included.

TTFields applied to my well-shaved head.

With all this high-tech equipment, I think that I will be easily traced should I go missing. Unfortunately, the system does not offer direct connection to 5G networks.

At the same time as this treatment is going on, I am on a new course of cytostatics. This time, it is on a four-week cycle, with pills for five days (double dose compared with previously), followed by a break for the rest of the period. If all goes according to plan, I will repeat this cycle at least six times, after which it will be a case of wait and see how things develop.

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5 thoughts on “TTFields

  1. All things considered, you look like you’re doing well and tolerating treatment very well. Glad to see that your sense of humor is still intact, even if you don’t get 5G directly.

    Hopefully you and Bitte are continuing to avoid COVID-19 during all of this. Thinking of you both often and fondly as your fight continues.


  2. Härligt att du har kvar din humor! Den och att du fortsätter vara aktiv gör gott för kropp och själ. Kan berätta att makens efterkontroll gick bra. Nu ska vi njuta av det i 6 månader till nästa koll. Se nu till att hålla din “fighting mode” uppe. Styrkekram 🤗


  3. Ni är mina hjältar! Men du har gjort många loop tidigare och alltid kommit i mål så jag litar blint på att dugör det denna gången också. Du är rätt snygg i rakat huvud faktiskt. Har aldrig tänkt på din huvudform tidigare. Rund och vacker. Stora kramar från Asperö (som har haft vitt på marken nu i över två veckor ;-))


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