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In Sweden, during the period between Christmas and new year, one can often hear the phrase “God fortsättning” as a greeting between people as they meet. In normal years you would hear this all over the place, 2020 is, as we are all too well aware, somewhat different. Google translate, which lacks any trace of human empathy, and is, therefore, an acceptable AI application (unless you are a veterinarian, in which case AI is something else), offers “Good continuation” as a translation of this greeting. There is no corresponding phrase in use in English. Briefly, the phrase expresses heartfelt wishes for good health and prosperity for the future.

Whilst on the subject of health and prosperity, I would like to bring to your attention our appeal for support for Hjärnfonden, the brain foundation.

We set a target of 10 000 kr and are very close to reaching it. If we exceed the target, we will be extremely happy. We also set a target date, January 6, 2021. This date is significant for three reasons; It is our grandson’s birthday, it was my father’s birthday and it is the date that I will reach the end of the first stage of my treatment.

Hjärnfonden supports research about the workings of the brain and how various illnesses arise and how they may be treated. This can include everything from strokes and tumours to mental illness to development issues. The work they do is worthy of our support.

On a personal note. As I am reaching the end of the first phase of my treatment, I am in good shape, both physically and mentally. I do tire rather easily, which is a consequence of the radiation therapy. I am looking forward to the four weeks of recovery before the second phase begins.

I, together with Bitte and the rest of the family wish you all “God fortsättning and a happy new year!”

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Just an ordinary guy trying to live an ordinary life. I do ordinary things like run, cycle and ski. I swim if I have to. I enjoy all sorts of music and like to play some too. I enjoy good food - maybe too much - and a glass or two.

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