What happened to my underpants?

Operation day was a bit weird in more ways than one! I have already mentioned about being high in the recovery ward, but another memory puts into question what the hospital staff get up to when patients are under the influence of anaesthetic.

The day started with a very abrupt awakening at 4.45 ish to take a shower using disinfecting soap. After the shower I was dressed in a back-to-front shirt for the operation and a pair of large, but very comfortable, underpants. Then it was back into bed to await various medications and transport to the operating theatre.

After the operation and a while in the recovery ward, drifting in and out of consciousness I was transported back to the ordinary ward. At some stage during this process I came to realise that I was no longer wearing the large, but very comfortable, underpants. This raises the question as to where did they go? Being hospital, one has lots of time to speculate about various events, and to recall similar happenings from the past. One that came to mind was from my growing up in Port Sunlight. There was apparently a series of thefts of underwear from washing lines in the village. This sort of thing happens from time to time and even finds its way int popular culture, such as the song “Arnold Layne”, by Pink Floyd. I have come to the conclusion that the individuals that engage in stealing underwear from washing lines eventually find employment in medical institutions where they can continue their strange hobby while earning a wage.

This could be the subject of a research project if anyone would like to test the hypothesis?

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4 thoughts on “What happened to my underpants?

    1. That is a very good theory, Tim. I suppose you are referring to the time I hade done some laundry and ran out of space to hang things to dry. The blades on the fan seemed suitable for underpants so there they were hung! I thought that the flow of air from the moving blades would aid the drying process. However, I neglected to take the centripetal force into account – hence the flying undies.


  1. I would like to contribute to the data set. I lost the underpants as well as the socks during my spine surgery a couple of years ago at another hospital (fortunately the theif let me keep the titanium devices I badly needed). Hence, stealth of underwear appears to be a wide spread phenomenon in Swedish hospitals (n=2).


    1. We happened upon some evidence which may lead to clarity on the issue of disappearing underpants. Tobias and I visited Lenabergs limestone quarry earlier today and observed a pair of underpants hanging from the branches of a pine tree. This could lead to the apprehension of the person/persons responsible for said disappearences.


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