You’ll never walk alone

But Oh, didn’t he ramble (Jelly Roll Morton) We have started a small collection towards research at Hjärnfonden, the Swedish charity for brain research, hoping to contribute 10 000 kr to their cause. This may only be a small sum of money in comparison with the huge needs in developing effective treatment strategies for theContinue reading “You’ll never walk alone”

Where did Tvanellus come from?

The short version Way back in time, shortly after Bitte and I met, we visited Bitte’s mother, Kajsa, for the first time together. This was at Kajsas garden allottment. So properly attired and topped with a Panama hat we went off to the allottment in Husbyborg. When we arrived we found that Bittes sister, Annika,Continue reading “Where did Tvanellus come from?”

Operationen har gått bra

Chris opererades på förmiddagen idag och operationen har gått bra. Chris mår utifrån omständigheterna bra och är vid gott mod. Han ligger på NIMA (neurokirurgens intermediärvårdsavdelning) och kollas regelbundet. Han kommer sedan att flyttas till en vanlig vårdavdelning, troligen imorgon. Besöksförbud råder i dessa tider. Jag har pratat med honom och han hälsar till allaContinue reading “Operationen har gått bra”

Musical evening in Gamla Uppsala

The Covid-19 pandemic put a stop even for small gatherings of people. This was definitely the case for myself and my very talented friends. Every second Tuesday I played in a brass sextet called Norbyturken (roughly translated as the Turks from Norby) and on the Tuesdays in between I played with another brass sextet calledContinue reading “Musical evening in Gamla Uppsala”

Christmas pudding – make it early

With only 78 days left until Christmas it is high time to make this years’ Christmas pudding. In view of the guidelines given out by the Swedish authorities, directing us to cancel all family gatherings over the festive season and beyond I feel that preparing a Christmas pudding is an act of defiance akin toContinue reading “Christmas pudding – make it early”