Knitting, a pastime for all

Knitting has become very popular in recent times, and while I cannot claim to be a pioneer, I can trace my knitting roots back to about 1966 (The same year England won the world cup in football).

My mum was an avid knitter and would regularly produce loads of items as an opportunity presented itself. Items would include pullovers, cardigans baby-clothes, gloves, mittens, hats, and a variety of items that sold well at the annual church festival. Not only did Mum hand-knit, she also used a tabletop knitting machine.

This machine took a while to set up, with a number of hooks and levers. Adjustment of said hooks and levers determined the type of stitches leading to the creation fantastic patterns. The knitting machine, once set up, was easily worked by pushing the handpiece back and forth to create row after row of knitted fabric.

On one particular occasion, the machine was set up to knit the sleeve of a pullover, with a new ball of wool loaded and ready to go. Mum was busy getting dinner ready, and I could not resist the chance to show my creative skills. I pushed the handpiece back and forth again and again. As I did, the sleeve grew and grew until the entire ball of wool was consumed. I was very pleased with myself having produced a magnificent, perfectly straight pullover sleeve about 3 metres in length. We were not a happy family that evening!

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Just an ordinary guy trying to live an ordinary life. I do ordinary things like run, cycle and ski. I swim if I have to. I enjoy all sorts of music and like to play some too. I enjoy good food - maybe too much - and a glass or two.

3 thoughts on “Knitting, a pastime for all

  1. Ha ha ha! Så kan det gå när man är alltför ivrig att visa upp sin prestation. Min mamma hade en liknande stickmaskin. Men jag var inte lika ivrig som du… Jag höll mig till det manuella sättet att sticka. Husfrid hade vi 😉

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