At the end of the storm there’s a golden sky

We recently returned from a glorious week at a training camp in Monte Gordo, Portugal. There, we enjoyed fantastic sunrises, morning jogs along the beach, various training sessions and really great food. The only cloud on the horizon was the approaching MRI-scan which took place today.

The scan itself is not a problem, but what it may reveal is a bit of a concern. I am confident that the results will be fine, as I have not shown any signs of quirkiness – other than those that have been with me for most of my life.

The scan today was fairly routine. I arrived at the hospital on time, and after a short interview about my current health status was told to put on a hospital shirt instead of the clothes that I had on. I was allowed to keep my underpants! During the scan I had to lie on a stretcher with my head strapped firmly in place. I had a set of sound insulating headphones to protect me from the noise of the scanner and to provide some musical distraction during the scan. The staff must have remembered me from previous visits, as they included “You’ll never walk alone” in the play list. I was quite moved as the song is about hope for a better future.

Cycling home from the hospital felt good. The sun was shining, the cold autumnal air was clean and crisp, and I had “You’ll never walk alone” ringing in my ears.

Published by Topherwelch

Just an ordinary guy trying to live an ordinary life. I do ordinary things like run, cycle and ski. I swim if I have to. I enjoy all sorts of music and like to play some too. I enjoy good food - maybe too much - and a glass or two.

4 thoughts on “At the end of the storm there’s a golden sky

  1. So true, you never walk alone! Monte Gordo sounds great, but I guess there were not that many opportunities to practice skiing…
    Your good spirit will conquer everything. My sincere wishes of a fast recovery!


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