You’ll never walk alone

But Oh, didn’t he ramble (Jelly Roll Morton) We have started a small collection towards research at Hjärnfonden, the Swedish charity for brain research, hoping to contribute 10 000 kr to their cause. This may only be a small sum of money in comparison with the huge needs in developing effective treatment strategies for theContinue reading “You’ll never walk alone”

Where did Tvanellus come from?

The short version Way back in time, shortly after Bitte and I met, we visited Bitte’s mother, Kajsa, for the first time together. This was at Kajsas garden allottment. So properly attired and topped with a Panama hat we went off to the allottment in Husbyborg. When we arrived we found that Bittes sister, Annika,Continue reading “Where did Tvanellus come from?”